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'A great horse will change your life, but the truly special ones will define it' - Author unknown

Baby Marilyn born 2015

There is little to compare to the partnership of a human and a horse, and there is no better place to heal a broken heart or mend a troubled mind than to ride.

Following the tragic deaths of two of Kate's foals, Marilyn was born on 2nd May 2015, a beautiful palomino. A truly special gift for Kate and a horse that was immediately part of Kate's family.

Kate and Marilyn

Now almost 7 years old, Marilyn can be feisty, temperamental, opinionated and determined but she can also be loving, faithful, obedient and steady. A perfect and characterful package which will make her a trusted travel companion, but with enough spirit to keep Kate on her toes.

Kate started Marilyn herself with help from her mentor David Stuart who visits from Australia once a year. She is ridden in Western tack, but Kate is keen to stress she is not ridden 'English' or 'western' - it is just riding!

Kate knows that Marilyn's companionship is fundamental in helping her through the inevitable low periods and dark days of the trek. But it is also true, that the deep connection and understanding that Kate and Marilyn have with one another will provide invaluable support and comfort for them both.

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