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30 years ago I dreamt of riding from John o' Groats to Lands End. It's never faded but there's never been a good time. Lots of excuses though; training, work, family, vet practice commitments, the recent Covid challenges, and of course, the rather critical need to have the 'right' horse!

It's easy to get wrapped up in work, and forget the importance of 'living'. I've been so busy having my head down that I forgot to look up and I've suddenly found that I am 50 years young! How did that happen? But by coincidence I now also have the most beautiful Palomino horse that I bred myself and who would be a perfect companion for my riding adventure of a lifetime.

The recent pandemic era has also made me realise 'life is short'. We never know what is around the corner? Like many, I've been moved by inspiring stories of human endeavour and wonderful kindness, across the country. It's stirred me to see what I might also do to help those charities near and dear to me.

The 1,300 mile Trek is not a quest for the fainthearted and as far as I am aware, it'll be the first attempt for a vet. I anticipate some truly inhospitable terrain and conditions. It'll test my strength of character, my courage, my mental health, my skill as a horsewoman, my faith and possibly my veterinary expertise, but I can't wait...

So on 24th April, 2022, World Veterinary Day, I will set out on my beloved horse, Marilyn to ride solo from John o' Groats to Lands End, fulfilling a lifelong ambition and helping to raise much needed funds for two very special charities; Pets As Therapy and VetLife.

Please do share my journey with me, and if you are moved by my quest and ravings along the way, it would be so appreciated if you'd make a kind donation via JustGiving.

Thank you so much.

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